Our Products

Absolutely Stunning

Translucent stone

Certain natural stone and adam stone quartz have translucent properties that allow backlit application that can add design and atmosphere to kitchens, bar and lounge areas.  Comes to our showroom to see these special translucent products

Matt finish

Both natural stone and engineered stone can be available in a matt finished surface.  Adding subtle sophistication to your countertop, fireplace or other type of surfaces.

Granite & Quartzite

Offering high density and durability granite and quartzite are ideal for kitchen countertops.  It is high in resistance to stain and with proper maintenance sealing will remain in pristine condition. Colors of granite and quartzite vary and come in many bold colors in natural patterns and movements that can be the center of many designs.  We continue to rely on our supplies DMK Stone, Margranite and Westcoast to bring us the latest selection.


Classic and timeless marble has been used throughout the history of architecture. Its colors vary from light to dark but more so in white and lighter colors. Marble colors are typical two tones giving a smooth and calming sense to any surface or room. Softer and more delicate marble is typically used as vanity surface, decorative surfaces and wall/floor panelings. As a natural stone marble needs regular maintenance sealing.

Engineered stone

Quartz are engineered stone slabs that offer high durability and non-porous surface.  Most frequently used in kitchen quartz offers many colors while being maintenance free.  Color ranges from simple stone aggregate patterns to large majestic veins.  Manufacturers continue to produce trend setting colors and patterns.  Adam stone, Caesarstone and silestone are some of the most frequently used brands of engineer stone.